Farewell Cory Monteith

As has been reported,actor Cory Monteith of Glee fame recently passed away on the 13th of July 2013 in his native Canada. He was 31 years old.

Who would’ve thought that a member of the Glee television series would pass away so soon at such a young age?

Admittedly,Glee’s latest seasons had deteriorated in quality but it had only started to pick up steam in its latest season,is my opinion.

The latest we heard on Monteith was the fact that he checked into rehab in April 2013 and got discharged recently.The actor himself had been very open about his struggles with substance abuse.

I admit the first time I heard Monteith had died,I thought it was a cruel joke.No,Cory Monteith can’t be dead,it’s gotta be one of those random RIP Twitter Fake Celeb deaths.Upon rushing to the Net though,that was not the case.

I will say that Cory Monteith wasn’t exactly my favorite cast member on Glee,heck he wasn’t even my favorite anything or whatever.I had been aware of Cory Monteith pre-Glee thorough his work on the TV series, Kyle XY where he played said Kyle’s love rival.Truthfully,that role wasn’t really special and did not show off his true abilities as an actor.

As for his role on Glee where he played popular school jock Finn Hudson however,he wasn’t exactly the guy with the vocal chops and dance moves.To his credit,even he admitted it and didn’t even know he could sing prior to joining the show.


                                                                                                    Credited to goldderby.com

His recent autopsy reports state that he died due to an overdose of heroin and alcohol.Cory was seen as having had a relapse after his stint in rehab which ended in tragedy.To add further credence,he died alone in his hotel room.

Judging from the reports that I’ve read,those who knew Cory described him as a good guy,humble and willing to do anything to help others.He was grateful for his fame and knew that it was fleeting.At the end of the day,he took those drugs and alcohol himself which led to his death.

This has taught me and something I personally believe in,that life is short and everything can be taken away from you just like that.

His death is a lesson that all of us should stay away from drugs and not end up as a statistic on the drug-related death charts.

Remembering Cory,here’s the performance that started it all,Don’t Stop Believin.


Death of Dramacrazy & Henry Cavill’s Got a New Girl

Last week (1-7 July 2013) was a whirlwind in the world of entertainment (at least it was to me).

But when you think about it,the world of entertainment is ALWAYS a whirlwind.

Two things captured my attention.First up, my ultimate favorite source of all things Asian dramas,dramacrazy.net decided to shut down.Another one bites the dust I say.There have been too many closures of sites that offer Asian dramas for free.We all know the reason for being is that it’s a copyright infringement issue.Apparently,offering free drama streaming is illegal in the eyes of the law.But what are we,as users supposed to do?

Dramacrazy offered us the opportunity to not only stream rare Asian dramas but an entire community to connect to with its forums.Granted,I just preferred streaming the dramas but some people made lifelong friends on that site.

To have the opportunity to watch streamed dramas is indeed a privilege.Watching something at your own time,on your own terms,your own leisure and pace meant no commercials (sometimes) and generally at your own behest.This goes for all types of programming and not just Asian dramas.Dramacrazy was a complete space that offered every (East) Asian drama under the sun.It was easy,user-friendly,and ultimately complete.This was why users kept flocking back to the site.Another fan favorite,mysoju.com had unfortunately suffered a similar demise.Not all of us can afford to go out and get the latest dramas on DVD.We would,but only if it was really good.Dramacrazy.net was a drama-fan’s democracy working at its best.

I mourn the death of Dramacrazy.True,there are other sites to head off to but Dramacrazy was the best.Who knows just how long other sites can stay afloat?

Now onto my second posting would be regarding the latest,hottest British import into Hollywood and newest Superman,actor Henry Cavill.The guy’s not exactly new,just unknown.Fans of The Tudors would have remembered Cavill as the Duke Charles Brandon.Anyhow,Henry was reported to be dating former mixed martial artist-turned-actress Gina Carano.And now he’s moved on to The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco.

That guy sure moves fast with the ladies,it seems.He reportedly splits up in May and a mere two months later he’s bagged himself a new girl.Cue the millions of fangirl hearts he’s broken.Henry has already chalked up quite a massive female fanbase thanks to the release of the new Superman movie,Man of Steel.Henry should be taking things a little slowly if he wants to cultivate a serious actor image.He should learn from his previous relationships and new girl Kaley.Her previous relationships were very private.He’s allowed to have relationships,but be careful in flaunting it.Even if a million paparazzi abound,keep your relationships on the DL.

Some Henry-Kaley pix,credited from justjared.com, ImageBam.com, and henrycavillnews.com.

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Re-Writing Back

It’s been almost four years since I last posted in this blog.

The last time,this blog was created as a student project but now,it is my own personal domain.I shall now post on whatever my heart desires based on no one’s assigned tasks.

But mostly though,this blog shall see me post on my own personal musings and likes and dislikes such as my love for all things entertainment and desserts. (LOL)

Until then,till the next posting.