The Lego Movie: Building Blocks to Movie Success

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Lego, those toy building blocks that almost every child has heard of and played with. Legos have become synonymous with childhood toys. That’s not to say that adults haven’t actually retained their love for Legos that there are now occupations for Lego builders or die-hard Lego connoisseurs who collect Legos and develop Lego models as a hobby.
This brings us to the gist of the Lego movie. Seriously, why hasn’t anyone thought of an actual Lego movie before? Other than video games based on certain models of Lego that were actually based on existing movie franchises, such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, or the Lord of the Rings? I know that there are many other Lego-based on movie games and such movies but let’s just take those three as prime examples. What I mean is a true standalone Lego movie until of course, this movie arrived.
Hearing the name, The Lego Movie, the title is just so…generic. But then again so is Disney & Pixars’s Toy Story and we all know how great those movies are. Then again, there are also plenty of other generic-sounding movies, but we lap them up, whether good or bad. But rethinking it, The Lego Movie is also a great title because it does its job in telling us, that hey, this movie is about Legos and it’s a damn movie. And besides, the prospect of a Lego movie is just so cool that if anyone asked if I were willing to be a part of a Lego movie, I would’ve done it for free.
The Lego movie starts with Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) trying to protect the Kragle, a super weapon with powers to decide the fate of the Lego Universe from President Business (Will Ferrell). We then move forward to eight and a half years later where we meet a normal Lego figurine guy named Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt). Now, we know the Lego world encompasses many different worlds and many more Lego sets. It’s amazing that somehow, this movie manages to incorporate almost all the occupants of the Lego universe and still make it work. Back to Emmet, this Lego dude is just so ordinary. He is as ordinary as you can get, pretty much how ordinary all of us would think that life is. That is, work, eat, watch television, and sleep. Every single day of his life. He is, by definition, your average; regular guy. There is absolutely nothing special about Emmet. He, together with the rest of his city, are pretty much living such ordinary lives that they do everything their leader President Business tells them to do. From watching the same television programme, having the same hobbies, and liking the same song (“Everything is Awesome” is super catchy and all, but it’s EVERYONE’S favourite song). Imagine having to share that honour?


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One day, Emmet spots an intruder at his workplace just as he’s about to head home. This leads him to stumble upon the secret of the Lego universe that can bring about change, The Piece of Resistance. However, before he can even touch it, he is caught by Good Cop/Bad Cop (Liam Neeson) but is rescued by the intruder. This said intruder, Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) believes that regular Emmet is actually The Special, the one who is the key to a revolution in the Lego Universe. So she takes him to the head of her team, Vitruvius where Emmet is made to understand the roles of “Master Builder”. It turns out that President Business has hatched a plan to, other than already controlling the citizens of Emmet’s city, now wants to freeze the entire Lego universe using the Kragle. The Kragle is actually a tube of super glue, that, when applied to Lego figurines, renders them stuck permanently.

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A “Master Builder” is basically a Lego figure (which all the characters are) that can well; build Lego structures without any instructions unlike Emmet and his cohorts who have been brainwashed into relying on instructions for everything in life. President Business discovers that The Special has been found and sends his henchmen to capture him. Thus, Emmet and company attempt to escape and alas, much to Vitruvius and Wyldstyle’s dismay, Emmet displays absolutely no special “Master Builder” skills. They manage to escape after being rescued by Batman (Will Arnett), Wyldstyle’s boyfriend. The company soon head off to Cloud Cuckoo Land, Middle Zealand where other “Master Builders” have gathered. These Master Builders range from many recognisable and iconic figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Superman, Gandalf, and Wonder Woman, among many others. There, Emmet is told the story of how various attempts have been made to retrieve the Kragle, to no avail and how President Business has cracked down on this movement by imprisoning many “Master Builders”. Emmet then, while giving a speech, explains that there is absolutely nothing remotely special that he can do but promises to help. This infuriates several segments of the “Master Builders” who were expecting a miraculous solution but before they can react, President Business has already invaded the place and have the “Master Builders” arrested.


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Our heroes manage to escape. They hatch a plan to break into President Business’s headquarters and take hold of the Kragle as well as rescue all the “Master Builders” to foil President Business’s plans. How they manage to sneak into headquarters, tune in and see. Once in headquarters, they manage to execute the plan but Emmet and Wyldstyle still gets caught by President Business. This is when the movie moves to a live-action part. It is at this point that I found the movie slightly bewildering. Like, why is there a live-action part of the movie and why is Will Ferrell in it? Granted, Will Ferrell does voice President Business but what in the world…? I found this part incredibly jarring and disjointing to the movie. However, there is a reason why the live action part is included and to understand, you’ll just need to watch the movie. It all ties brilliantly in the end and when we eventually return to the Lego universe and we’ll get to see whether Emmet and company prevail. The ending works well because the movie is targeted mainly towards children but adults will enjoy it just as much. Overall, a great beginning for the Lego movie franchise to start on.
In other good news is; it has been announced that there will indeed be a sequel. So for those who enjoy watching talking Lego figures and the Lego world (should be everybody), do keep a lookout for its sequel coming soon in 2017.